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Colloidal Silver vs Covid-19

So far there is no cure or vaccine for the Covid-19 virus. Because of this people are searching for alternatives. This site was created to give people more information on Colloidal  Silver.

If you haven’t heard of Colloidal Silver, you will soon enough, especially if you’re on the lookout for an alternative therapy to common health issues: Like a sinus infection, the common cold, or different strains of the flu. Colloidal Silver is effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses, and can also strengthen the immune system. This can potentially prevent or even treat the coronavirus infection according to Sherrill Sellman. There are lots of people already taking Colloidal Silver as a preventive solution. Sales in Colloidal Silver have increased tremendously from buyers in Hong Kong and China.

Jim Bakker, had naturalistic doctor Sherrill Sellman on his show and she stated Colloidal Silver has been tested on some of the strains of the coronavirus and found it to effectively deactivate it and also, boosted the immune system.

If you look for information on the internet you will find a lot of conflicting opinions. First you will find thousands of personal testimonials about how Colloidal Silver has helped with several different diseases, like the reviews I mention below. You will also find some health sites warning against using Colloidal Silver due to safety concerns. These sites usually quote a statement made by the FDA in 1999 claiming there is no scientific evidence to support the use of Colloidal Silver. I think it should be left to the reader. Read on and you can decide what to believe.

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Reviews from the internet

I have given credit to the websites the reviews came from by linking to their site. If you click on the user name it will open a new window where the review came from.

BenjaminOh Boy does it ever work!
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Boy oh boy oh boy, does CS ever work , for many years now me & my wife & a few friends have not suffered from a flu or cold due to CS. I have treated many people with CS and cured them, 2 years ago my wife had a stroke, wound up in the hospital which is heavy laden with germs etc so she contracted U T I and the Doctor said it’s turning into sepsis which would have killed her. So I secretly treated her with CS and in 2 days she was cured. then about 4 months later still in hospital she got pneumonia & the Doctor said she would die in 4 days. So again I secretly treated her with CS and in 2 days the doctor said she’s all cured and can go home.So no one can tell me that CS won’t kill the Corona virus because it definitely will. The world needs to wake up. March 18, 2020
OcieYes silver does work
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Yes silver does work, just use your common sense, I have seen it quickly work on MRSA infections, deep cut infections from accidents, kidney infections, abscess gums, flu, colds, ear aches, and pink eye. It has never failed. Every virus, bacteria, or yeast infection that I have seen quickly cleared up after the use of the silver. I am no doctor, nor have any medical degrees so therefore can not give any advice. But being nearly 70 years old and never been in hospital since the early 1950’s, I can say that the silver is my go to item whenever bacteria, virus, yeast problem pops up. I am not anti doctor or anti medicine. I would definitely rush to a hospital if necessary, such as a broken bone, bad cut or an un diagnosed problem . Although I have been to a dentist a few times. Anyway, when this new virus hits town, I will be spraying a little silver into my nose, and drinking a teaspoonful before I go to the grocery store. If silver kills the other viruses it might work on this new one. Of course I will keep my distance from other people, wear light gloves and take all the other precautions when going to grocery store. Also I have not turned blue yet.
StevenMade my own for 8 years now….
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Made my own for 8 years now…. treated many things with it, Pink Eye (24hrs – Doctor said it would take 2 weeks), Glandular Fever (5 days – doctor said it would take 14 weeks!), common colds & flus, small infections etc…. It’s not a cure all, i can’t get it to work on skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, but its an effective home medicine for sure… I’m fully stocked and taking it daily to prevent Covid19 if i can, so are all the family.
I begain making and using my my own colloidal silver
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I begain making and using my my own colloidal silver to about 10ppm daily since 1998. Prior to use, I suffered from chronic sinusitis, regular bouts of bronchitis, and pneumonia annually. Since my first use, I have had bronchitis twice (when on trips), no pneumonia, and no sinusitis. I have cleared up food poisoning several times within an hour after ingesting about 8 ounces of colloidal silver. I have cleared up painful ear infections within hours using colloidal silver drops. Any problems with argyria is due to ingesting silver compounds which are large molecules that stay in the body. Pure nanoparticles of colloidal silver exit the body within a day or two. I have NOT suffered from argyria over the last twenty years of daily use. I spray colloidal silver into my nostrils. I have nebulized colloidal silver to prevent bronchitis on those few instances after travel when I suffered respiratory conjestion. There is a lot of experiential evidence that colloidal silver is antibacterial, antiviral, and is safe for use. Other than argyria (a cosmetic effect) there are no side effects. Colloidal silver costs pennys-per-gallon to produce, and that's why the medical profession is not, at all, interested in it. Just put a silver dime into a glass of milk along side a control glass of milk and see the results.
We as a family have been using it for the past 15 years,
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We as a family have been using it for the past 15 years, topically to heal my wife's diabetic ulcers and in a nebulizer for sinusitis, a blocked nose or pneumonia. After my mother of 94 had a stroke she was admitted to hospital for treatment. After two courses of antibiotics over a 3 week period the docter told us that they could do nothing more for her as she was not responding to the treatment. She was discharged and we started giving her colloidal silver through a nebulizer. 10 days later all pneumonia symptoms were gone.
Silver holistics
Silver holistics
I had an upper respiratory infection back in December.
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I had an upper respiratory infection back in December. I couldnâ??t take the antibiotics for longer than a week. I knew it was a bacterial infection which affected my sinuses as well. The anti biotic bothered my GI tract. The cough went away with colloidal silver. Taking 10 ppm is not harmful. Web MD needs to evaluate micro dosing, and not call everything harmful.

The truth about Colloidal Silver

It is common knowledge that Colloidal Silver kills bacteria. Dr. Robert O. Becker at Syracuse Medical University began research into Colloidal Silver in the mid 70’s. The conclusion verified that Colloidal Silver kills bacteria which was already well known by this time. People have been using silver dollars in their milk to help slow the spoilage time frame due to the properties silver has.

It seems virtually all organisms tested were sensitive to silver ions including many that were resistant to known antibiotics. 60 years prior to Dr. Becker’s research doctors already new of the antimicrobial properties of silver.

In fact, Alfred Searle, founder of the Searle Pharmaceutical Company in the early 1900’s, had already discovered that even the most deadly pathogens could be easily killed by silver in its liquid form (colloidal silver). Searle published this in his book:

“Applying Colloidal Silver to human research subjects has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful results.”

There has been no reported deaths from Colloidal Silver. The only negative thing was two people had their skin turn blue. This was due large amounts of Colloidal Silver that was NOT pure. Colloidal Silver is considered safe if used properly. Best Colloidal Silver ppm.

  • 10ppm
  • Using only distilled water
  • pure silver 99.999%

Unlike antibacterial prescription drugs, the important thing to understand is Colloidal Silver does not cause an immunity or resistance to the pathogens.

Over the past few years there have been numerous studies showing how effective Colloidal Silver is at battling super antibiotic resistant microbes and pathogens  like Human Corona virus (SARS) the Avian Influenza (bird flu), and Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

Why wait any longer to start enriching your life with the benefits of silver? Start living a healthier lifestyle with one of nature’s greatest treasures Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver works in three different ways

DNA binding. Colloidal Silver goes straight to the DNA of the virus (and other pathogens) and binds with the DNA. In the process it destroys the hydrogen that holds the cell together, destroys the cell and kills the virus.

Pathogen cell membranes. Colloidal Silver also attaches to the virus’ cell membrane and foils its attempt to attach itself to the host cells, preventing infection.

Catalytic oxidation. Colloidal Silver attaches to oxygen molecules and reacts with certain molecules that circle around viruses. The virus then fails to attack body cells.

Risks of using Colloidal Silver

There have been two cases of people turning blue. The first case the person drank very large amounts of Colloidal Silver that was impure. I believe there was copper in the solution and it was this that caused the person to turn blue. The second case was a woman and I am not sure why it happened to her. But with anything if it is not taken in moderation and if it is not pure the results can be unpredictable. I myself think only two negative cases from hundreds of thousands of users using Colloidal Silver is actually pretty good.


Remember too much of anything can be bad to the body.

Daily use is the maximum number of drops you should consume on a daily basis. This would be if you are supplementing with it on a daily basis for your entire life. (25,567 days of ongoing daily use or up to 70 years).

For daily use:

12 times the person’s weight divided by ppm equals the number of drops.
So for a person that weighs 150lbs using 10ppm. Would be 12X150(weight)/10(ppm)=180 drops or 1.8 teaspoons. use Google to convert drops to teaspoons.

For short term (cold/flu …) use the above formula but use the amount (example above 1.8 teaspoons) 4 times a day for 7 to 10 days.

ImmuneSystem Boost


We are all in this together. We can over come this!

Immune System Killing Viruses

Cold and Flu recovery

When Dr. Becker did his research back in the 70’s he discovered that people who were most prone to severe and frequent cold and flu sysmptoms had the least amount of silver in their body. He also discovered that the people with the most amount of silver in their bodies were least prone to the cold or flu, also their symptoms were less severe. The people with the lower amount of silver in their body were sick longer then the people with more silver in their bodies.

Becker showed that silver seemed to give a boost to blood cell production including white blood cells, which are an important part of the human immune system. You can use Colloidal Silver in your vaporizer or humidifier to help reduce the effects and shorten the length of time you feel sick with a nasty cold or flu. Furthermore, you can use that same mist to help sanitize and keep a cold or flu bug from rampaging through your household and infecting other family members.

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